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I’m from Hudsonville, Illinois. A little community about 45 minutes south and west of here. I came to Jasonville in January of ’81. Thirty-six years later, we’re in our own place. We’ve been here since 2009. I feel like for me, you’re not dealing with strangers, you’re dealing with people you know. And families get to feel that way. I think it’s whether it’s your doctor, your field director, you go into a local restaurant, people know you by first name. I like that and I believe the people in Jasonville … I think the people in any small community like that, it’s personal.

A great place to visit for me … well, for both of us, is the state park. You wanna lower your blood pressure about 10 points, just take a drive through Shakamak State Park. The scenery is beautiful. You’re close to home. It will help you unwind.

I’ve always had a passion for people and for serving. And it was really gonna be a choice of do I go into the ministry or do I become a funeral director. Faith is so important to what we do. And so important to the families that have experienced a loss. It’s kind of like an anchor for ’em. But that’s really … it was just a knowing that this was the direction that I needed to take. This was where, I guess, in fact my ministry would be. Would be as a funeral director. I’ve been there 37, soon to be 38 years, and this community has made me feel like I’ve always been here. Never feel like I lived anywhere else, but right here in Jasonville.