Pets become treasured parts of our lives. From eagerly welcoming you home after work to snuggling up in bed with you while you sleep, these members of the family become part of our hearts.

As a result, when a pet dies, you naturally want to honor their life in a meaningful way. With the pet cremation services we offer here at Cox Funeral Home, you can say goodbye to your pet in a way that is perfect for them and that honors the place they held in your family.

All of our pet cremations take place with just one pet at a time. This method, in addition to our use of ID tags, ensure that your pet’s remains are never lost or mixed up with another pet’s. We also allow you to choose the urn where their ashes will reside so you can receive back your pet in a dignified and personalized way.

What follows is a look at some the pet cremation services we provide:

  • Transportation of your pet to and from our facilities
  • Individual cremation of your pet
  • Placement of pet in urn of your choice
  • Weekend and evening pick up